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why it's called shell cordovan and why it is so precious?


In the 7th century in Cordova Spain also called Cordoba from the Arabic name قرطبة, the city witnessed the production of this unique leather from the horse skin, and here comes the unique part : the leather comes from a small specific part of the hide which is the rump (as shown in the illustration)

not like regular leather where you can use the whole skin, to get the cordovan leather it is needed the experience of high skilled artisans, where they carefully skive into the hide to reveal what is called the SHELL CORDOVAN, and this is where the name comes from because this particular part is protected in the middle of the hide.

But why this specific part that is so hard to get?

Shell Cordovan leather have the densest pore structure, you can not spot them with a naked eye, which makes it extremly durable and  naturally water resistant  and stretchy. Shell Cordovan is truly rare and unique material. It has bright luster, non-creasing grain character, great leather smell and ability to develop and keep these characteristics over time.
In addition, the shell Cordovan ages very well and develops over time a particularly beautiful patina.
The leather itself does not accept much dye, so it is found mainly in the dark tones of brown, black and the so-called “cordovan” color, which is a dark burgundy color. 

but Rocado is the only tannery that re-invented techniques and prensent a large variety of colors and styles that satisfy a lot of choices.


Two shell parts




Our bestseller Classic collection, in a variety of colors that fulfill all needs and choices, shiny and bright but at the same time matte depends on the lighting angle, a right balance in tempra and stretch with a unique finish and Rocado guaranty stamp.



Our stamped Classic hatch grain, in a variety of colors that fulfill all needs and choices, shiny and bright but in the same time matte dipending on the lighting angle, a right balance in tempre and strech with a unique finish and our guaranty stamp.



Marbled Shell Cordovan is unique in all terms: it's guaranteed that each piece is an ART stimulator, shades and forms that ignite the imagination and creativity. Not a single piece is equal to another, each hide has a different  vein and  muscles structure, making Shell Cordovan unique in it's kind because they are hand coloured.



Rocado Exclusive Museum Shell Cordovan, with it's original smokey pattern.

All hand-coloured, comes in rugged shades with a reflective shine, and the best smell of our Shell Cordovan. It is the best choice for shoemaking and small leather goods.

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